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Buy Any 2 Mixtape Covers And Get 1 For Free !

F. A. Q.

Do you need a little help making a purchase? Are you not sure what to do with the file you just downloaded? Do you need a hand using our online order form? Here is everything you need to know to get your new mixtape cover artwork, just the way you want it. Click on the links below to jump through the questions and scroll through.

      • The Mixtape Cover Store website and it's design blog, Do It Yourself Mixtape Covers, are owned and operated by a sole proprietor. All of our original products and custom editing services are provided by Filthy The Designer. Filthy has been designing mixtape cover artwork for almost a decade.
      • Both. This website is here to help anyone who needs a really great mixtape cover. If you would like to create your own mixtape cover, we provide a few tools needed to get you started. We have free templates for color and size requirements, and inexpensive stock PSD files that you can just drag and drop into your project.
      • To personalize any of our products, including our mixtape cover templates or stock images files, you will need Adobe Photoshop software, version CS2 or above. Free online editing software, such as Ms Paint and GIMP, cannot edit PSD files.
      • Our mixtape covers and stock images are all labeled and listed in their drop down menu. Simply search through the pages to find the image or design style that you are looking for. Once you have found something you like, click the "View Product" button to see the item's details.
      • Sorry, the images on this website are only examples of our products. These images cannot be customized and are not sized for print. To download a mixtape cover or stock image, please add the item to your shopping cart and pay for it. All the products on this website are an instant download.
      • All of our products are an instant download. This includes our mixtape covers, stock images and graphic design freebies. So getting your hands on the perfect mixtape cover artwork is easy. With only a few short steps, it can all be yours.

        01. Pick Out An Item -
        To view or purchase an item, click the "View Product" button located below the sample image. You will then be directed to that item's page. Here you can view the product's details and pricing. You can also choose the style of design and view the sample at a much larger size.

        02. Buying The Product -
        Here is where you can add the item to your shopping cart. With our mixtape cover artwork, you can choose between front only, front and back or having us personalize it for you. Once you are satisfied with your item, click the "Add To Cart" button.

        03. Making A Secure Payment With PayPal -
        You have now added an item or two to your shopping cart. Complete the process and continue on to PayPal. Once your payment has been received and safely processed, a receipt for your purchase and the download link(s) will be emailed to you.

        04. Check Your Inbox & Spam Folders -
        You will receive two (2) emails from us within a few moments after your purchase. All download links will be sent separate from the receipt. Initially, the receipt will reach your inbox but the instant download links may go directly into your SPAM folder.
      • Yes and no. We do have a mixtape cover purchasing option which includes the Exclusive Use rights to the artwork. That means, we will remove the mixtape cover from our website and advertising, so no one else can buy it. Now only you can have it.
      • When you purchase the Exclusive Use rights to a mixtape cover, you receive the sole rights to the design. We cannot sell this item to anybody else and must take it down from sale. When you purchase the Exclusive Use rights to a mixtape cover, you are now the only one who can have it.
      • Please use the online order form on the Upload Your Information page to send us your information and logo. Please do NOT email us any mixtape cover design details until we have your PayPal payment for the editing services.
      • The turnaround time on our mixtape cover editing service is currently three (3) working days or less. This time begins, of course, after you have filled out an online order form on the Upload Your Information page. Please note, our working hours do not include Sunday's.
      • If you are not completely satisfied with your mixtape cover artwork please let us know. If there is a mistake in the spelling on your artwork or even if you just don't like the colors you chose, one (1) free round of revisions or editing changes come with every mixtape cover editing service.
      • Errors may occur when the online order form reads your text or image file in a specific section as SPAM, and therefore it is not excepting it. One solution, may be to find that section of the form and try spelling some words differently or renaming your files.
      • No. A photo shoot quality image is NOT necessary for our background removal services. A digital photo taken from any regular camera is perfect. Cell phone pictures are not recommend due to their low image quality, but the files can be used.
      • No. A plain or blank background, such as a green screen or something similar, is NOT necessary at all. Our designer can remove you from any background. It is much like cutting a photo out of a magazine or newspaper, but with the help of various Photoshop tools.
      • Sorry no. When choosing which digital photos to upload for our image background removal services, be sure that you or the main subject of the photo (car, animal, etc.), are completely in focus. Please do NOT filter or edit your image prior to sending.
      • Before uploading your photos to the online order form for image background removal, first make sure that the files are formatted correctly. We accept JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) or GIF (.gif) files. We recommend JPEG (.jpg) files as it is the highest quality image.
      • Yes. Be sure to properly name your photos and logos (example = ArtistPhoto1.jpg or MyCompanyLogo.jpg) as the online order form will not except some random file names. Your digital image files may be rejected because the form sees the image name as spam.
      • All online payments are made safe and secure with PayPal shopping protection. You can buy confidently when you are making a purchase through our website's custom shopping cart. We are PayPal Verified sellers for almost three (3) years running.
      • Sorry no. Due to our file's instant delivery mailing system and our quick turnaround on editing services, all payments are to be made in full and paid upfront. There are no exceptions and no refunds. Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a purchase.
      • After adding an item to your shopping cart, navigate to the bottom of the cart's page. Find the section of the shopping cart marked "Discount coupon" and enter your code in the text box. Last, click the "Apply" button. You will see your price changes instantly.
      • If you have received your order's receipt but not the download email, check your SPAM folder first. Sometimes the email can get delivered there instead of your inbox. If it is not there, please contact us immediately. We will respond as quickly as possible to assist you.
      • The download links will be sent separate from your receipt. Meaning, you will receive two (2) emails after your purchase. Initially, the receipt will reach your inbox, but the instant download links may go directly into your SPAM folder. Be sure to check there before contacting us.
      • All files are delivered as .Zip files. A .Zip file needs to be opened with compression software before the items inside can be accessed. Windows, OS X, and Linux all come with ZIP compression built-in to the operating system and there are two ways to access the files stored inside.

        01. Double-Click The .Zip File -
        In Windows XP or newer, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux, you can double-click the ZIP file and it will open in a new window. You can then copy the contents to another folder. OS X will create a new folder next to the ZIP file when you double-click it, but may not open it automatically.

        02. Right-Click The .Zip File -
        In Windows and Linux, you can right-click the Zip file and select "Extract All…" or "Extract Here". Extract All will allow you to set a path for the extracted folder to go, and Extract Here will uncompress the folder and leave it in the same location as the ZIP file.
      • The fonts are NOT included with any purchase. It is illegal for us to sell you the fonts. But the good news is, all fonts used are available online for FREE! Simply open the specs file containing the mixtape cover details and Google the fonts listed.To install your fonts, refer to your operating system for more details.
      • You can use the mixtape cover for anything... Re-purpose the artwork at concerts, for promotions, on social media, you name it. After customizing the mixtape cover, you can resize it or even drag and drop the stock images into another project. The options are almost endless.
      • Yes, we can crop your image out of any photograph. We will turn your digital photo into a professional stock file with no jagged edges and no white space. The cost per image is only $11.99. See our Image Background Removal page for more information and details.

If you are having trouble or need some assistance, please use the form on the Contact Us page to send us a message. Be sure to mention the title of the product or editing service, and the problems you are currently having. Our customer support team will respond as quickly as possible to assist you. Most issues can be resolved within twenty-four (24) hours.

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